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Monday, August 09, 2004

About the Desert City Poetry Series

Hello and welcome to the web log of the Desert City Poetry Series.

For the past two years, the Desert City has brought exciting contemporary poets to read in the central North Carolina area. Some of our past readers are C. S. Giscombe, Jane Mead, Rod Smith, Lee Ann Brown, Evie Shockley, Carl Martin, Joseph Donahue, Patrick Herron, Mark Wallace, Amy Sara Carroll, Mark Salerno, and K. Lorraine Graham.

The series started in Winston-Salem, NC, in September 2002 in what was then a space called PS211 with Lee Ann Brown as the first reader.

This year we've lined up our best season yet.

Unfortunately, I'm out of time (there's a grant I really should be writing.) So, welcome, come again, more soon...

Ken Rumble,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken Rumble is a big Hershey bar! A sweet piece of work and a classic in every sense. Desert City Series is the sh-t. Go there. Be impressed.

[Kenny, you'll never guess who posted this, but if you come to L.A., I'll buy you a drink.]

8/12/04, 1:18 PM


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