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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mike Snider's Reading Review

Mike Snider recently posted a review of the Johnson/Herron reading which can be found here.

Thanks a lot, Mike! Mike's a new regular in the Desert City/Lucipo scene and a very welcome member of it. I very much admire Mike's willingness to consider, experience, and read through a wide range of poetic styles. While his own writing is focused exclusively (I believe?) on sonnet writing, he nevertheless engages aesthetics that are sometimes far from his own. We need more people like Mike in all the poetic "camps" out there -- we'll all benefit by accepting the idea that there are things to be learned from all the various approaches. So thanks, Mike.

Spring's springing.....


Blogger Michael Snider said...

Thank you, Ken. You folks have made me feel very welcome. A small correction — I've written about a hundred sonnets that I've kept, but I also write triolets, rondeaux, ballades, terza rima, pantoums, awdyl gywyd and various other syllabic stanzas, and nonce forms — in fact, I still write free verse, though rarely these days.

3/29/05, 3:40 PM


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