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Monday, December 05, 2005

Home again....

Wow, what a weekend -- what a trip; what an incredible group of people that I get to hang out with and get too little sleep with and spend too long unshowered in a car with. Swoooon -- I do love my po' boys. So big thanks and hugs to Brian, Marcus, Randall, David, & Jehanne for being fellow travelers.

Big thanks and hugs to John Lowther, Tracy, Randy, and all the Atlanta Poets Group folks -- you all remind me of what it is I love about poetry.

Big thanks and hugs to Sabrina Orah Mark, Kristen, & Brian -- you folks all should move to Chapel Hill; maybe tomorrow?

Anyhoo, I'm just giving shout outs here, but for something more substantive, check out:

Brian's funny and remarkably accurate report.

Marcus's sparse report with audio.

Rock on -- poetry tour: what the whole world needs more of.


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