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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rodney & Tarn & a To-do List

A really great reading on Saturday by Janet Rodney and Nathaniel Tarn -- big thanks to Joe Donahue for setting it up. Rodney was a real discovery for me -- I'd know and enjoyed Tarn's work for awhile, but Rodney is extremely talented as well.

Wow, so much going on these days; here's a brief run-down:

1. Got a new job.
2. Really like new job.
3. Lots of work to do at new job.
4. First book arriving from printers in one week.
5. Got a reading in Asheville with the Lucipo gang this saturday.
6. Gonna go to AWP and read from Key Bridge a couple times.
7. Wanna love my two lovies.
8. Got to set up other readings for KB.
9. Got to put up a picture of my book so people can see the cool cover.
10. Got to tell everybody about this cool/awesome music/poetry mix that my friend Brian Howe did with some of 24 Hour Breakfast.
11. Got to tell everybody about the awesome new Fascicle.
12. Got to have some fun.
13. Got to stop making to do lists.

More on all these things soon....


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