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Thursday, August 12, 2004

DCPS First Season Continued

So after Lee Ann's reading, Evie Shockley read in October. I met Evie through a mutual friend: another Wake Forest professor the wonderful Lisa Eck whom I met at a party I didn't know I was going to attend. I was wearing, among other things, a balloon when I met Lisa, so we hit it off quickly. Evie, it turned out, has since become one of the Desert City's most enthusiastic supporters. That support in the first year was truly vital. A nice moment of kismet about Evie's reading that October was that Lisa gave birth to her lovely twins, Fiona & Isaac, the day of the reading. The reading itself was terrific -- Evie reads her poems well, writes in a range of styles, and thus her readings are broadly engaging.

C. S. (Cecil) Giscombe read in November. I was fortunate to be in Penn State's MFA program when he joined the faculty. Since then he's remained a good friend and mentor. An added bonus about Cecil's reading was that he arrived three or four days early. Since he has a fascination with trains, we spent much of that time wandering around Winston's railroad tracks, talking about poetry and fatherhood. The reading was again a knockout as he dipped in and out of Into & Out of Dislocation, Giscome Road, and Here.

Okay, time to go again -- the storm is returning; I fear for my power.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there. Upon tripping through the net looking for a couple of greensboro lit folks I used to know (no luck), I spied your site. I used to live in the Winston area, years ago, and am surprised to see a reading series thriving; congrats and bless you! You seem like the sort of person to whom I can pose questions. Because of recent projects, I'm wondering if I can get a little comparison info--does the greensboro/winston area have a community writer's guild? If so, what is the extent of it? If not, why not? Our guild publishes an anthology each year, supports a reading series(which, unfortunately, has probably overshadowed indie, upstart efforts on the readings front), awards annual prizes, and, most importantly, sponsors a novel prize for publication through the university press each year. This year, I'm part of a committee working on a projected anthology of poetry and fiction supported primarily by community guilds in the south, so we are looking for all connections possible to other communities; despite UP backing, we are doing all the searching and CFPs ourselves. However, we're also interested in sort of half-ass outreach effort--trying to encourage those who might be interested in getting a community guild started, what seems like the next best step to a reading series. So, if you can wade through that and provide some useful info about the status of Winston's lit community, I'd be a happy and grateful woman.

8/18/04, 1:42 AM


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