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Monday, April 11, 2005

Jarnot & Selch April 23rd

Two readings this month!!

April 23: Lisa Jarnot & Andrea Selch!!!

April 30: Lee Ann Brown & Carl Martin!!!!

Saturday, April 23rd, at 8pm at the Internationalist

Lisa is apparently going to Mallorca soon, so if you you know anything about Mallorca, come down so you can give her some advice!

Andrea is not going to Mallorca any time soon, but she speaks French quite fluently and can tell you lots of things about the days when national radio networks in the US had staff poets.

Lisa recently starred in a movie (some might call her a movie star), so practice simultaneously squealing, jumping up and down, saying omygodomygodomygod, and pointing with the other hand on your head.

Andrea has not recently starred in a movie, but she watches lots of movies that have people in them. She also watches movies with talking vegetables, fruits, animals, rocks, buckets, and soap.

Lisa was an editor of several literary magazines, anthologies, and is the foremost biographer of the American poet Robert Duncan.

Andrea is the president of Carolina Wren Press in Durham. Her poems have been chosen by editors to appear in anthologies and magazines.

Lisa has two cats.

Andrea has two children.

April in the Desert City! ::: a study in contrasts.....

or similarities??


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