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Monday, December 19, 2005

Thanks Again, North Carolina

What a generous state -- they put up an archive of poet of the week pages. So my little page has returned from the void.

You can find it here now (but scroll down to the bottom.)

Thanks (not for the last time) Chris, Debbie, & Kay.

But also some troubling state news: apparently in 1898 there was--what was called at the time a "race riot" but has recently been re-labeled--an insurrection. This insurrection was lead by white supremacists across the state who had decided to take over local legislatures in an attempt to disenfranchise African-Americans. The violence reached its most extreme levels in Wilmington resulting in the forceful overthrow of a local government and the deaths of at least 22 African-American men.

The insurrection was completely successful in its aims, disenfranchising North Carolina's African-American population until the Voting Rights Act was enacted.

Good to see that attention is being given to what happened back then.


Blogger Chris Vitiello said...

The "Wilmington riots" of 1898 are pretty much unprecedented in our nation's history. I was actually thinking of them last night watching a documentary on the Hoxie, Arkansas school desegregation battle, which by 2 years preceded the big famous one in Little Rock. Nearly an armed insurrection in Hoxie.

The documentary is described, with some clips, here:


12/20/05, 1:14 PM


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