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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ron's Review of Selah's Book

A nice write up of Selah's book over at Ron's place here today. As I Lay Dying and Dodie Bellamy -- yup, sounds right.

Thanks, Ron!

Umm, let's see....some other good things:

Just saw that Jordan put one (? maybe it was the whole section?) of my poems (I think from the 2nd issue of Wherever We Put Our Hats (thanks, Jon, and congrats)) on his best of 2005 list, some of the Key Bridge stuff -- thanks, Jordan. The next issue of Typo is going to have some of it too and the next issue of Coconut -- thanks, Adam & Bruce. And some stuff from another manuscript is in the second issue of the tiny recently out (and it's a real hot issue) -- thanks, Gina & Gabrielle. And Zach put some in the most recent issue of Octopus -- kick ass in the Koos class, Zach! And there's some stuff from St. Apples, A Monologue for Voices & President Letters, and another manuscript over at the new (ish) Fascicle -- thanks Tony.

And and and hmmmm, well I'm happy.

Happy trails, cowpokes.

ps: part of the reason I haven't posted anything about the Rankine & Davis reading (which was great) is that my computer exploded the day before the reading. Threw me off a bit, but all's well, so I'll post a wrap-up pretty soon. Late....sorry.....

pps: speaking of Jon Leon, the former Wherever We Put Our Hats blog (and speaking of WWPOH) that blog has been one of the best blogs I've seen for going on a month or two now. I hope he keeps going -- it isn't archived, so you just have to check and maybe you'll get a nice little something and maybe you won't....