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Monday, January 09, 2006

Roberson & Sandvik, This Saturday, January 14th, 8pm, Internationalist Books

Please spread far and wide....

Who: Ed Roberson; author of Atmosphere Conditions, Just In / Word of Navigational Challenge, Voices Cast Out to Talk Us In and others; Lila Wallace Readers Digest Award recipient; taught all the cats how to land on their feet.

Who: Todd Sandvik; Carrboro Poet Laureate; curator of the Blue Door Late Night Series; veteran of the Carrboro Poetry Festival; put all the lightening in Thor's Hammer.

What: Desert City Poetry Series; putting the extra X in 2000 & 6.

When: Saturday, January 14th, 8pm, 2006.

Where: Internationalist Books; 405 W. Franklin Street; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; right where you stand when you know where to be.

How much: $2 donation requested to support the series & the readers.

Why: "This is what folks talk / about the gods walking // sitting on your shoulders / in your shoes / having consumed / you // in that beauty // fixed by that crack of the gravel // your decision made // to face and see" "to know is nothing / splash of red as axe handles jump"

See you there......

Upcoming readings:

February 11th, 8pm: Claudia Rankine & Christopher Davis

March 25th, 8pm: Ron Silliman & Selah Saterstrom

April 22nd, 8pm: Emmanuel Hocquard & Rosmarie Waldrop

*Internationalist Books

*Ed Roberson

*Todd Sandvik

Contact the DCPS: Ken Rumble, director
rumblek at bellsouth dot net

The Desert City is supported by grants from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the Orange County Arts Commission and generous donations from anonymous individuals.

by Ed Roberson

ascendant an ancient
for ancestor

mine ancestor is
seen upon my skin
a light that color is

upon the surface

mine is an African
ascendancy in sight
at sight a burn

If yours were
the eye of the sky
what would the source

be of

your look upon me,
what would it grow,
what would its color be?

How do you burn?

One from Dead Swede
by Todd Sandvik


flokk 1 I see women birthing in saunas
as men prepare their dead

purple mountains orange meadows
steaming rust-colored shielings
on stilts

I see children heap
ladles of water on stones
to urge on the voluntary

nothing organized
organized as it seems
it seems

infinities of bees
explore black blossoms
midnight sun


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