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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Anybook Review Blog

Okay folks,

So I'm getting ready to make good on a promise I made awhile back: my Anybook review blog will be live sometime in the next two weeks (I'll make an announcement.) I'll be reviewing poetry books, individual poems, magazine issues, novels, short stories, some music maybe, nonfiction, scholarly work, readings, I'll leave the movies and tv shows to Silliman, and I'll review whatever else I want to. I won't be reviewing strictly contemporary stuff; it'll just be what I'm reading which lately has been a lot of fiction: Conrad, Tolstoy, Lydia Davis, and others.

The reason for the delay is that I'm working on compiling a back log of stuff. I'd like to put up three new pieces a week, so if I have six or so ready to go, I can keep that pace in those hectic times.

If folks want to send me books to review, I'll take a look and try, at the least, to review a poem from the book, but I can't make any promises.

A few things that I've been working on include the following:

Farid Matuk's Is It the King?
Lisa Jarnot's "Ye White Antarctic Birds"
Is It the King? in relation to Conrad's Lord Jim
Lakoff & Johnson's Metaphors We Live By
A longitudinal study of Juliana Spahr's work
Tony Tost's World Jelly
Stacy Szymaszek's book & work
Mark McMorris's work
A longitudinal study of C. S. Giscombe's work
Poetry books's opening poems

Be there soon....


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