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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feeling the Healing

Rock Heals, cool cats, some St. Apples for your eyeholes.



Blogger Tim Earley said...

That make my eye holes feel good, almost unlike eye holes at all, more like speculum ad infinitum holes with a bit more pinky, electric membrane around the corupices than usual. Thank you, Ken Rumble. One time my eye hole felt like a whole day of buffalo. That was before America was America. One time my eye hole fell into my lassitude hole. I never got it out. So the thing that I just said were an eye hole is probably more like a replacement eye hole, but it still transformed. Sometime all a man needs is a bit of minor sugary to keep him going. Help me, Ken Rumble, help me.

7/31/06, 4:12 PM


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