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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fascicle Three

Announcing the launch of Fascicle 3, the winter 06/07 issue

In this issue:

Vicente Huidobro’s major long poem, “Sky Tremor,” in its first appearance in English, translated by Tony Frazer;

a “Poets of Taiwan” portfolio, including poems, interviews, audio and video work, edited by Shin Yu Pai;

an Eritrean portfolio, edited by Charles Cantalupo, including poems translated from the Tigrinya, Tigre and Arabic, as well as photographs by Lawrence Sykes;

a new chapbook, “Sex,” by Allyssa Wolf;

extensive critical work, including David Rosenberg on Ted Berrigan, bpNichol, Araki Yasusada and “the authentic poet”; Kevin Killian on George Oppen; Roberto Tejada on Clayton Eshleman; Mark Wallace on P. Inman; a series of statements from the Subtext-Poetics group on “What’s happening in poetics”; important early essays by Gertrude Stein on motor automatism; Graham Foust on “looking,” and more;

a selection of poems by the innovative and eccentric modernist Harry Crosby, as well as DH Lawrence’s introduction to Crosby’s Chariot of the Sun;

translations of Alexei Parshchikov, Yoko Tawada, Omar Perez, Andrea Zanzotto, Roberto Castillo Udiarte, Catullus, Jean Paulhan, Oliverio Girondo, Juan Sanchez Pelaez, Lucia Estrada, and Franco Arminio, as well as a series of translations from the Chinese by Ken Chen;

interviews of Danielle Dutton and Jake Berry;

Matthew Goulish’s “Incarnation Text” and Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s “The Trapdoor: a Play in One Act”;

new poetry by Stephen Rodefer, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Tim Van Dyke, Elizabeth Robinson, Hoa Nguyen, Clayton Eshleman, Tyrone Williams, Benjamin Friedlander, Kent Johnson, Jonathan Skinner, Alicia Cohen, Dale Smith, CS Giscombe, Peter O’Leary, Anne Boyer, Robert Kelly, Eleni Sikelianos, Brian Henry, Deborah Meadows, Mark Scroggins, kari edwards, Ken Rumble, Rob Halpern and many others.