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Thursday, August 26, 2004

New Poetry Books at Internationalist Books

Skipping around in the history here a little bit: last year I hooked up with Internationalist Books and Community Center right around the time of the first reading in January. They agreed to table books for all of last year's readings. This year the readings are moving into the bookstore itself, and part of that change also includes putting me on the volunteer staff to order/maintain their poetry section. It's a really great gig -- they let me order lots and lots of books (thanks, Matt, Ethan, & Kristina!) At any rate, we just got in a bunch of new books -- details below:

Lyn Hejinian -- My Life

Michael Palmer -- Notes for Echo Lake

Tomas Borge Martinez -- Have You Seen a Red Curtain in My Weary Chamber? trans. by Russel Bartley, Kent Johnson, & Sylvia Yoneda

Brenda Coultas -- Handmade Museum

Clarence Major -- Surfaces and Masks

Nathaniel Mackey -- Whatsaid Serif

Gloria Anzaldua -- Borderlands/La Frontera

Paul Verlaine -- Women/Men

Cole Swenson -- Goest

Liz Waldner -- Self and Simulacra

If you're nearby, come check them out -- if you're far, email me, and I'll send what you like along.

Dinner time.

ps: many of the above authors are on the wishlist for DC 2005/2006.....


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