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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Blog Help?

Hello dear reader,

Your intrepid captain here in need of some advice. When I look at my blog here using the computers with MS IE at Guilford College where I'm an adjuncter, the right side menu bar/links list/profile stuff is scrunched way down to the bottom of the page such that to see all that helpful information, find the next link in your blogodrome hop-scotch game, etc. you have to scroll way past all the posts.

Is this problem mine and mine alone? Is my burden shared by others??? Am I the only afflicted?

I have the same problem when I visit the blogs of Tony Tost, Laura Carter, and Marcus Slease.

At home I use Mozilla's Firefox (wonderful and free!! browser) and have no problems.

So I place myself in the hands of your bountiful wisdom -- how can I solve this problem? How can I ensure that my blog projects the full grace that its design is intended to convey??

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comment box or my email address is to your right (and, perhaps, way at the bottom of the page.)

desperately seeking success,


Blogger Laura Carter said...


I have the same problem on occasion. The margins sometimes shift too far to the left for me to read the first letters of the left-hand column. I tried messing with my template to fix the problem you're having right now, but it only made it worse.

Try, as I sometimes do at home, with moderate success, using different addresses: and sometimes look different to me. I don't know enough about this to know why.

Just a few thoughts. Madonna's on the way with your next film contract.

12/2/04, 12:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Browser-page compatibility is and has "always" been (at least since I designed my first web page in 1994) the bane of the web designer's existence. A thorough web designer repeatedly tests and tweaks his/her pages to ensure as best as possible that the page is readable in as many verions of as many popular browsers as is possible. The amount of time needed for testing is formidable in relation to the time needed for the designm so many often just skip it. In other words, it could be just that the designer of the blog template--some employee of blogger--never bothered to test what s/he made. If that's the case then the solution is to use another browser on that machine you already know works, like Firefox. I'm a Firefox user, but for a lot of the web's content I have to use IE, as it won't work on Firefox.

There's also a chance that the version of MS IE on that machine is old, older than what designers would try to design to. You can find version info under the browser's Help menu (Help->About). The solution there is to upgrade.

One desperate stab might be to change the text size, but I doubt that will work.


12/10/04, 12:21 PM


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