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Monday, May 09, 2005

Updating the Sidebar Links & Summer Projects

Hello everyone,

I'm going to spend a little time updating the links on the sidebar for the page. If anyone has a site related to a reading series, a lit journal, a poetry press, or poetry blog -- stick the addy in my comments or email me directly.

I'm particularly interested in other sites that relate to reading series -- let's network!!

Also, the Carrboro Poetry Festival is coming closer and closer: May 21 & 22. It's going to be a fantastic time, so come on down!!!

In other news, I'm putting together a couple more grants for the series. They look pretty good -- I think I've put together a pretty good looking budget for this year. In the past, my grant efforts have been much less planned out and much more last minute. They're still a little last minute, but I've got a good plan. The budget calls for $13,000. which will provide for airfare, honoraria, space rental, advertising, reception, and miscellaneous expenses. What I like about the budget/plan is that I'm seeking money from 5 or 6 different funding agencies with a couple in reserve in case some of the first string fall through. In the past, I haven't spread the sources around as much.

So that's one big project for the summer -- the other big project is to establish the Desert City as a non-profit corporation (501(c)3) in its own right. In addition to the readings, Chris Vitiello and I are putting the beginnings of a chapbook press together (Desert City Press) plus there are lots of things that the Lucipo group here in NC are involved in. My plan is to establish the DC as a non-prof so that we can apply for grant money to support these various projects.

If anyone has any advice or info about non-profits, please let me know.

Lastly, here's a list of folks that I've contacted about reading in the series next year -- they've all agreed to come; we're working out the details.

Claudia Rankine
Brent Cunningham
Rosmarie Waldrop
K. Silem Mohammad
Sarah Manguso
Ron Silliman
Brenda Coultas


Blogger JWG said...

how about the artifact reading series? the site:

or you can come on over to my site and there is a link there.

take care

5/11/05, 3:59 AM

Blogger Laura Carter said...

Hi, Ken! The url is now for me. Take care.

5/13/05, 3:09 AM

Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

Interesting blog. If you care to add my poetry blog to your Links, the URL is:


5/13/05, 4:28 PM


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