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Friday, August 26, 2005

Pre-Season Treat: Buck Downs, Cathy Eisenhower, Tom Orange, & Adam Good

Though DC season IV is still a few weeks from inaugeration -- I am happy to say that we have set-up what will be a hott little pre-season reading with some friends from the other, Washington, DC area -- whoo-hoo! Details below:

Who: Buck Downs, author of Marijuana Softdrink and the largest poetry postcard project ever!

Who: Cathy Eisenhower, author of Language of the Dog-Heads and force behind the interrupting cow press!

Who: Tom Orange, author of 25 Poems, Seedsource, and Tethering and curator of the In Your Ear Reading Series!

Who: Adam Good, associate editor of Your Black Eye and co-curator of the In Your Ear Reading Series!

What: Reading poems and making 'em flo'em.

When: This Saturday, August 27th, 6:00pm, 2005.

Where: The Skylight Exchange, 405 1/2 Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC, down the little alleyway next to Fuse.

Afterwards: Rocking with Randall at the Cabin!

Some links:

Adam Good: (coming soon)

Cathy Eisenhower:

Tom Orange:

Buck Downs: