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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Bong Eggs" by Brian Howe w/ Ken Rumble

Wow, my friend Brian Howe is doing this really terrific poetry/music project in which he remixes people's read poems with samples and other sound oddities from various places, filters it all through various filters, rhythms it up with various rhythms, and makes some really really killer stuff.

And he just made a piece called "Bong Eggs" from part of 24 Hour Breakfast -- "bong eggs" is a line from the poem. (And thanks to Tony for putting a link to the audio in Fascicle.)

You can find many others at his site Glossolalia.

There is also some great stuff there of Brian's own poems, poems by Tim VanDyke, and work by Rod Smith.

Brian and I will be doing some of this collaborating live in Asheville this weekend.

Brian's awesome. Thanks, Brian!


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