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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happy Holidays

So I would like to apologize to everyone for leaving that last post up there for so long, though I'd guess with the holidays coming, the DC's third spring season coming, and whatnot coming -- nobody's been too heartbroken??

At any rate, also thanks to all who responded -- it's likely that I'll change my template and see if that solves the problem.

So some news: January 15th, Saturday, at the Internationalist, DC's Spring Season kicks off with Mr. Standard Schaefer, Mr. Marcos Canteli, and Ms. Rachel Price.

Standard Schaefer will be reading from his soon to be published second collection of poetry, Water and Power, and his National Poetry Series winner, Nova.

Marcos Canteli, who recently won Spain's Ciudad de Burgos Prize for his third collection of poetry, will read selections of his recent work in Spanish.

Rachel Price will read her English translations of Canteli's poems.

I hope this will be the first of many bi-lingual readings, so if anyone knows of other folks like Rachel and Marcos who are collaborating on translations, please email me.

In other news, Cole Swensen's latest collection, Goest, was a finalist for this year's National Book Award -- congratulations, Cole!! She will be reading with Chris Vitiello on Saturday, February 19th, at Internationalist Books. Chris has told me that the list of things involved in his reading may include, but is not limited to, a film projecter, an overhead projector, a digital read-out display, and shadow puppets.

On the bad news front, Jennifer Moxley will be unable to read for us this year. While I regret we won't hear Jennifer in March, I am very happy to say that she and I are working out some dates for next season, so stay tuned. I'm also working on putting together a replacement reader and may move that reading to February, because......

The other bit of good news is that March 19th, Saturday, the Desert City will host a reading/performance by wife and husband Tara Rebele and Brian Henry.

Brian Henry is the author of the poetry collections Graft, American Incident, and Astronaut. He also serves as the editor of Verse Magazine.

Tara Rebele is an interdisciplinary text and performance based artist. Her work has been performed across the US, and her writing has been published in literary journals including Slope Magazine.

Also, don't forget that March 26th, Saturday, 8pm Kent Johnson & Patrick Herron will take the Desert City.

And we'll wrap up with two readings in April. One will feature Lisa Jarnot and Lance Phillips and is co-sponsored by Duke University's John Hope Franklin Center. The other will feature Lee Ann Brown and Carl Martin.

Finally, I'll wrap-up with a request. The Desert City Furniture Association (me) has spotted a podium that would be a worthy foil for the mighty gems we have to show off here in the series. If anyone would like to send me some money so I can buy it (it's pretty cheap: $75.), we would dedicate a whole evening (maybe two?) to your honor and let you sit up front. Email me for details.

Thanks all -- here's hoping you all get some time with your lovies these cold winter days....


Blogger Chris Vitiello said...

I never said anything about shadow puppets, but it's a good idea.

12/31/04, 1:51 PM


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