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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Carrboro Poetry Festival: Summer Has Begun

Well, the festival is now over -- it is sad that the festival is over, but sadder still would be the deaths of so many talented poets who, because the festival continued, would have surely exploded from the pleasure and poesy mainlined into every vein, so perhaps, sad as it is, it is good that the festival is over for the year. Ahh, I already pine for next year.....

I'm still in a daze from the glory and wonder of it all, but other bloggers of heartier constitution have done a great service and posted their thoughts:

Chris Vitiello has posted the first part of his festival wrap up -- sections two and three coming soon.

Marcus Slease also posted a review of the fest.

Gabe Gudding has posted some excellent pictures at his blog.

Heidi Lynn Staples also has posted a review of day two of the festival.

Paul Jones also has some festival notes.

I had an incredible time at the festival -- truly magnificent readings and company. Heidi and Gabe are both people (like so many there) who were a real treat to meet. Many new friends I'm eager to get to know and many new poets to invite to the Desert City.

Big thanks to Patrick Herron and the Lucipos for Patrick's organizing and energy and the Lucis (especially the most excellent Todd & Laura) for rolling out the red carpet to our guests.

And if I'm missing any reviews or posts, please let me know, and I'll post them.

More soon, off to write grant number three....


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