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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Poetry & Stripping: Monday in the Nation's Capitol

You guessed it -- this Monday, June 26th, at 8pm I'll be at the Bar Rouge courtesy of the Bulesque Poetry Hour; thanks Reb & Carly!

So the idea is that we read poems and then take off our clothes. Now why didn't I think of that??

At any rate, I've been working on my pecs and tightening the tummy -- got my man thong pressed and a good waxing from Helga.

Now that you know too much -- the details:

Ken Rumble
Evie Shockley
Fred Pollack

Burlesque Poetry Hour
Bar Rouge
1315 16th St. NW
Washington, DC
June 26th, Monday
8:00 PM

I'll be reading some from Key Bridge, some from St. Apples, maybe some of the Monologues, but I'm most excited about reading from the new stuff: 24 Hour Breakfast; and I might try a poetry cover a la Hugo Ball via Christian Bok. We'll see....

Hope to see you there.......



Blogger Matt the Hat said...

Now the question is will the ladies be thier for the fine (?) bods or the fine words?

6/22/06, 4:48 AM

Blogger Ken Rumble said...

They come for the bods, but they stay for the poesy.

6/22/06, 8:28 AM

Blogger Lady Jane said...

Hmm. In America, times are so bad or poesy is so bad you need to be naked to get an audience?

Well. It is as I suspected and is it any wonder that Iran dislikes Americans? Imagine TS ELIOT having to do this and you get my drift.

Keep your clothes on. Write better poems. That ought to get you where you are going but maybe a little slower. Maybe even after you are dead. Now that is the trick.

Holding out.

6/29/06, 5:36 PM


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