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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

AWP Day 2, Continued

I got back from the bathroom and found Jeff, Joel, Matt, Kyle Petty, and Djuna Barnes playing pinochle with some worms. I sat in and turned a few tricks before we took the rope swing up to Tazmanian Helen's. She was a fine bosun with a knack for green construction. Nevertheless, we totally ruled during the "running to the helicopter with the organ in the little cooler" contest. Matt even managed a fine macrame of Edmund Spenser that featured select lines from "Faerie Queene" stitched in gold lame. Then it was off to the coffee shop for a pile of underwater breathing pellets. These made the "How to Nail an Underwater Job Interview" panel much easier to swallow. Surprisingly, we saw George Eliot there -- and dude, she's not a dude! Joel's prehensile elbows were starting to look swollen again, so that's when we decided to ride Space Mountain. Lucky for Jeff, I pulled him back to his seat before he could wack his head on the thing and get transported to the second universe where nobody knows how to spell things and ants ride babies to taxi school. Jeff looked at me and said, "God, Ken, the world thanks you." I couldn't agree more and told H.D. that very thing the next day when I found myself shining her shoes with a pair of knickers from the lamppost at the end of the world. So then I got back into my car and drove to Pickenham to raise my peacocks and shoot wangdoodles.

Man, I love AWP!


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