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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some Reviews of Key Bridge!

Having a book out has increased the number of self-googles I perform, and double bonus today!

Mathias Svalina, really one of the nicest guys I've met in a long time, had some kind things to say about the book over at his blog. Thanks, Mathias! From his review:

"It's at one moment hyperactive & horny & the next moment rent & imagistic. I think Rumble's super-power is the open parenthetical."

And there's a review up at Coldfront Magazine that John Deming wrote. It's odd because the review doesn't seem that critical really -- there are some things he doesn't like about the book of course -- but the "rating" is 5.5 of 10. Ouch!! Turn the heat down, babe! But c'est la vie and shit -- I appreciate the read and ink, and maybe they'll get rid of the ratings someday.

"The wordplay—Rumble's a Steinian at heart—mixed with the domineering image of the less-than-domineering bridge gives you the sense that the poet is willing to control as much as he can while conceding most else to question and chance."


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