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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Susan Briante & Tim Earley, Saturday, July 7th

Okay, I pulled down the tents, loaded the camels, and have moved the Desert City to the Emerald City, my current place of residence: Greensboro, North Carolina!

And to celebrate, on Saturday, July 7th, at a time to be announced, Susan Briante, author of Pioneers in the Study of Motion, and Tim Earley, author of Boondoggle, will read from their recent work.

Both terrific poets, both shower regularly.

The reading will be held at the Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art, 200 N. Davie Street, downtown Greensboro, across from Center City Park.

And the extra treat is that we've got a rare and incredible exhibition of the work of ceramicist Toshiko Takaezu on display right now. A stunning collection.

And speaking of Toshiko, here's a picture of her endorsing my book Key Bridge:


Here's a shot of the gallery installation of her work (it's all really big and all made out of clay):


Oh, and I'm thinking about having the reading at 5:30 pm -- is that a ridiculous time to have an event on a Saturday??? Dare I scoff at tradition????

More info soon.....


Blogger scoffin said...

I know this is from 2007 but thanks for posting pics from the ceramic exhibit! I'm a pottery apprentice in VA and just went down to Greensboro for the first time a few months ago. If you haven't been to Seagrove to see Mark Hewitt's pottery, Ben Owen's, or Daniel Johnston's pottery, you really should make the trip! they are wonderful, nationally known potters. I have an artsy blog about my apprenticeship and art/pottery in general:

check it out!

5/23/09, 7:31 PM


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