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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Briante & Earley, 07.07.07 @ 7pm! Greensboro

Who: Susan Briante, author of Pioneers in the Study of Motion, makes three egg omelet with two eggs, straight from Texas with a chainsaw.

Who: Tim Earley, author of Boondoggle, weaver of mouse tails, hirsute pointer.

What: Desert City Poetry Series, New in Greensboro, Old as Dirt.

When: 07.07.07 @ 7:00pm, This Monkey is Going to Heaven.

Where: Green Hill Center for NC Art, 200 N. Davie St. Greensboro, NC, the Sparkle in the Heart of the Emerald City.

Why: "Pills linger on the tongue like moths on water" "I was, for my age, spry with a hammer."

See you there.....

Susan Briante

Tim Earley

Green Hill Center on Google Maps


Blogger Aimee said...

Great photos...Where's Violet?


7/6/07, 4:13 PM


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