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Monday, July 09, 2007

On the Radio, just can't wait to get on the radio...

Okay, I'm going to be on the radio tomorrow to talk about Key Bridge! I gotta say -- these interviews and all this stuff is really pretty fun. It's not so much the having my voice on the radio streaming into the homes of millions -- it's just that radio interviewers are good (it's their job) at asking interesting questions about the people they're talking to. And what's better than a smart person asking you smart questions about yourself???? Who cares if it gets on the radio! I just want to live with a professional interviewer!!

WFDD, 88.5 FM Winston-Salem, NPR affiliate, Tuesday, July 10, 8:50am & 1:50pm.

You'll hear it there first.


Blogger Aimee said...

Good luck! Just purchased your poetry book and it rocks. Knock them dead.

7/13/07, 7:44 PM


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