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Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Fun in Baltimore Plus a Punch in the Head

So much fun in B'mo this weekend -- I think I laughed from the moment I arrived to the moment I left (and then I cried because I wasn't there anymore (sigh.)) Awesome Kate Pringle came with me and made the miles speed on by (or was that my lead foot?) Gina opened the reading with a knock-out set and I walked about with her old chap (new one coming soon) and the new--most excellent--issue of the tiny. Justin read for like 3.5 minutes from his new & terrific book all about pirates. I hit my head into his fist I was so mad he read for so short a time. All our friends were there and all our friends are beautiful. Thanks to Michael Ball who should win several awards for doing what he does, and thanks to everyone for coming out! and shouts to Rod, Mel, Jamie, Maureen, Cathy, April, Lili, Chris T, and Dustin Williamson who came all the way from NYC only to leave haunted with the echo of my cackling laughter filling his head -- thanks everyone!

I'll be in Nashville and Oxford, MS, later in March and Philly in later April and St. Louis in early May. Maybe see you there?



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