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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hot Turkey!

Thanks to Didi and Amy I'm in the new sexy issue of Mipoesias! (and I'm wearing a sailor suit!) A million thank yous to my good friends Mario Gallucci who took all those pictures and to Alex Maness who took some others pictures and generally helped a lot (read: he was my spritzer) and Dorothy Cowan who provided the legs and scantily clad body and lots of sex appeal and Jenny Maness who put up with three dudes in her living room at 1:30 in the morning one of whom was only wearing a dictionary (those pics didn't make it apparently.) Much love to you four, you make G'bo an infinitely brighter place.

And Cheryl Townsend reviewed Key Bridge! Thanks to Cheryl and Mipo (again (and again.))

And the number one encourager, her awesomeness, Jules Cohen & his awesomeness Justin Marks (I believe?) chatted about KB over at the Informalists blog a ways back.

And also thanks to John Hewitt who had some nice things to say about KB over at the Writers Resource Center awhile back.

And many, many thanks to the delightful, talented & funny as hell Ms. Megan Volpert who reviewed KB and interviewed me for the summer 2007 issue of New Delta Review. And big thanks to the editors who published the whole thing -- I had a few things to say apparently. Maybe I'll post it here at some point...

And wow, so much going on lately -- I had such a great time giving readings back in October -- more on that soon -- I've also been spending a lot of time at this wonderful artists' collective, collaborative space here in Greensboro called Elsewhere -- it's a 60 year old thrift store that's been converted into a artists residency/installation/museum/theme park (what the theme, Gene?!?!?!) Being there has been really wonderful, lots of writing coming out and a fair number of projects that fall more in a visual arts category I think. I mean, I'm doing a lot of writing that I like but don't plan on producing more than one copy of. I'm making writing that is not made for reproduction. It's fun and kinda scary and really wonderful -- Elsewhere is a magic place.

More about all these things soon.


Blogger Didi Menendez said...

Mario is brilliant!! Tell him I said so please. Tell him if he is available, I could use another staff photographer on hand.

Thank you,

11/23/07, 4:35 PM


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